We all know the power of a delicious meal—one that comforts us, nourishes us and connects us with the people we love. Food is a fundamental part of our experience as humans. Sharing food binds us together, strengthens our communities, and reinforces our connections with each other. When it comes down to it, food is love. And when we give food to people who need it, we’re sharing the love.

We see this love in action at Philabundance every day. Our staff members, agency partners, donors, and volunteers work together to distribute millions of pounds of food each year. We serve families, children’s programs, senior centers, and kitchens across our nine-county service area, and the people we serve know they can rely on us to provide healthy and satisfying food when they need it. Making sure that every child, family, and individual in our community has access to the food they want and need is an expression of our love for our neighbors.

This Valentine’s Day, we’re asking our community to share the love. By joining our work at Philabundance, you can help put food on the table for our neighbors in need. We work hard to provide food that’s not only nutritious, but also culturally responsive and ethically sourced. That way, the food we offer will nourish not only their bodies, but also their souls.

Supporting Philabundance is a great way to show love by giving one of life’s simplest necessities—food! Visit https://www.philabundance.org/get-involved/ to learn more about how to get involved by donating food, making a financial contribution, volunteering, or finding other ways to sustain this work.

Food is love, and this Valentine’s Day, you can give a little piece of your heart when you share the gift of food.

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