Thank you for helping us beet hunger in our service area!

Community Partners are an important part of our mission. Philabundance serves nine counties, and to do so, we strongly rely on our Community Partners to distribute fresh and nutritious food to families in need.  Each week, community partners come to our Hunger Relief Center to pick up food for their organizations and then distribute it to their neighbors in need. One of our partners in Montgomery County is making an impact in their community with their friendly volunteers and health-conscious food items. 

Formerly known as Inter-Faith Housing Alliance, Family Promise Montco focuses on providing housing and food for residents of Montgomery County who are facing food insecurity. In April 2022, we joined them for the ribbon cutting of their newly renovated and expanded pantry in Roslyn, PA. Residing on the campus of Salem Baptist Church, Family Promise is open to neighbors in need 4 days of the week and accepts donations as well. When neighbors drive up to the pantry, they are greeted by friendly volunteers who help them shop for items they need and assist them while loading their car.  

Just like many food pantries, Family Promise accepts canned goods, non-perishables, baby products and toiletries. Additionally, they promote food acceptance and inclusivity by providing diet conscience products. Some of these items include organic, vegan, vegetarian, and low-sodium items. Tiffany Jones, Director of Programs says she doesn’t want people to think that they must conform to what items are being donated, instead they communicate with donors to reflect the need for diversity in food items. 

Montgomery County is one of the most expensive counties, and with the rising costs of food, many people are facing food insecurity. We want to thank Family Promise Montco for the work they are doing in the community and for joining us in our mission to provide nutritious food to the people we serve. If you live in the Montgomery County area and are currently facing food insecurity, please visit the Family Promise Montco website.




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