Loree D. Jones | Philabundance CEO


Dear Friends,

As we’ve moved into the transition phase of COVID-19 toward a new normal, I’m reminded that change is stressful—that anxiety, fear, worry, and even excitement all play a part. There is no “right” or “wrong” way to feel during this time, just a need for us to meet the moment, evolve in the face of hardship, and seize on the opportunities ahead of us.

Despite the turmoil we’ve faced, the Philabundance team has learned and grown. We are continually analyzing our food sourcing and distribution methods to determine where hunger exists in our communities and strategizing innovative ways to reach those facing hunger in Southeastern Pennsylvania and Southern New Jersey.

But, as we’ve seen over the last year and a half, social and economic forces move in erratic ways, disrupting patterns and leaving us scratching our heads at some of the new challenges. That’s not always a bad thing, though. We’ve adapted by persistently questioning our assumptions and working to identify solutions grounded in data and informed by the community and people we serve.

The unmatched generosity we experienced during the pandemic is allowing us to adopt creative approaches to reach underserved groups across our region. We are investing in programs and cultivating partnerships aimed at removing the stigma associated with asking for help, while at the same time ensuring people feel supported and hopeful for the future.

Thank you for your belief in our mission and for being a vital part of our progress. Your compassion and commitment to our work has reenergized our team, and you are making it possible for us to feed people today, while working to end hunger for good. One helping at a time.

I invite you to read on about some of the people, agency partners, and community initiatives that have made this a total team effort. You can also visit Philabundance.org/AnnualReport to read more about the impact we made, together, in our 2020 Annual Report.


With Gratitude,





Loree D. Jones
Chief Executive Officer