Join the Square Meal Society

Small Gifts. Big Impact.


Donations from individuals make up the majority of the support we receive at Philabundance. We know that without such incredible generosity from members of the community, we simply would not be able to do this important work. 


Every day, donors join us in our mission to drive hunger from our communities with gifts of all sizes. While each and every donation, regardless of size, is appreciated, we so often hear “I wish I could do more.”  Did you know there is a convenient way to maximize your impact while also saving time and resources?


By signing up to be a member of our Square Meal Society with a monthly donation, you can provide a consistent level of support that fits your budget and makes a difference. Giving a small amount each month feels much more manageable than making a larger, one-time contribution; but the result is the same! A monthly contribution can be set up to occur automatically via a credit card or even your bank account. This saves you from having to write a check and the cost of mailing in your donation. 


Monthly donations provide Philabundance with a steady and predictable source of funding year-round. This pool of reliable funds provides critical stability during times of emergency, as we experienced at the height of the pandemic. They also assist in long-term planning, as we are better able to commit to new or increased support for our partner agencies when we have donation consistency. 


While a monthly Square Meal Society contribution can be set up to continue indefinitely, you are able to change, pause, or cancel at any time. Visit our website today to set up your monthly donation. If you have any questions, please email or call 724-672-3105.

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