Dear Friend,

According to a Children’s HealthWatch study conducted by Dr. Marianna Chilton, “Between 2006 and 2016, childhood hunger in North Philadelphia has more than tripled among families where parents work 20 or more hours a week”. Dr. Chilton also stated that these findings likely resemble rates of childhood hunger throughout the rest of the city.

Of the 90,000 people Philabundance serves each week throughout the entire Delaware Valley, over 60 percent are from households where at least one person is either currently working or has recently worked. Children in these households are going hungry along with adults.

During the summer, the parents of about 400,000 kids scramble to provide food for their families. As the school season begins, some of these parents breathe a sigh of relief knowing that there will be free or reduced-price food provided for their children at school once again. However, a new school year comes with the additional financial burden of having to pay for school supplies and new clothes for growing kids.

Your contributions to Philabundance make it possible for us to continue providing free food for hungry kids and families, while helping to prevent food from going to waste when there are so many in need of a healthy meal.

Please know how thankful our clients and agencies are for your generous support.



Glenn Bergman
Executive Director