Member Agency Spotlight: Triumphant Faith International Worship Center

By Devin Hunter | Member Relations Coordinator


This month we interviewed Shante Major from Triumphant Faith International Worship Center. Their community programs were founded by Pastors J and Sandra Brown in May 2002. TFIWC was founded on the principle of impacting the community, both near and far, with actionable love.


PHLB: What are your agency’s goals for the future?

TFIWC: Our facility in its current state can no longer adequately meet the needs of our community. We hope to renovate the facility, which would allow us to not only feed and clothe more families, but would also allow us the opportunity to provide more programming such as a GED program, support for teenage mothers and support for many of the elderly in our community who are often forgotten. We are also interested in providing early childhood education and services for children 4 years of age and under as well as a free Pre-K-12 college preparatory school. We don’t believe a high quality education ought to be limited to one’s salary or lack thereof.


PHLB: Are you primarily staff or volunteer run? How important are volunteers to your program?

TFIWC: With the exception of a modest salary for our Pastors, who oversee the body of our community efforts, we are completely volunteer run. We have 21 volunteers, most of which have been with us since inception for the last 15 years. Without our volunteers we simply could not operate. We are so grateful for this committed group; many often using vacation time to assist in operations.

PHLB: How has participation with Philabundance helped you provide better service to your clients?

TFIWC: Philabundance allows us to make the most of every dollar donated. Its convenient locale allows us to efficiently provide fresh fruits, vegetables and more to needy families. Unfortunately fresh produce has become a luxury for too many. We believe fresh produce ought to be a staple in every home for basic healthy living. Working with Philabundance allows us to meet that need. We believe it to be one reason that so many families in need flood our doors.


PHLB: Please share an uplifting client story.

TFICW: We have so many stories. This was not easy. “It was our Thanksgiving giveaway of 2010 and it was very cold day. This woman and her 9 year son had walked 10 blocks. We had finished up for the day and someone (a client) told her that we were closed; that she was too late. I saw her crying asked her a few questions and took her inside to see what we had left so she could pick out what she needed. The little boy saw a box of Corn Flakes and his excitement over this box of cold cereal was very overwhelming – to watch him holding on to that box and telling his mother “Corn Flakes!” – repeating it over and over. I couldn’t hold back my tears. We were all crying! We were able to supply them with a turkey and several other items as well. That’s why I love doing this; for all the children that are in need.” – Thomacina Byrd, Volunteer


PHLB: Is there any additional information you think we should know about Triumphant Faith International Worship Center?

TFIWC: We are a body of people who live by the mantra “Ministry is People”. We believe that our greatest life comes when we touch another’s life for the better. We are a church of about 300 members and do what we can both locally and internationally to affect lives. We clothe and feed our local community, act as advocates for students, provide family counseling and support, assist with resume building, travel to and financially support schools in Africa, and most recently traveled to Puerto Rico to support some of the families hit hardest by Hurricane Maria.

For more information about Triumphant Faith International Worship Center, please visit their website:

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