While our teams battled on the field, we are united in the fight to end hunger.

Philabundance and Feeding San Diego both had teams facing off on the baseball field for their division’s championship. In the spirit of friendly competition, Philabundance challenged Feeding San Diego to see who can raise more funding to feed the people we serve.

With the cost of food rising, too many people struggle to access the nutritious food they need. Food banks like Philabundance and Feeding San Diego are committing to providing those nutritious options to the communities they serve but they need the support of the public to continue this work.


“As our city is celebrating how well our Phillies won the 2022 National League Championship, it’s hard to be joyful when we know too many people in our area struggle to put food on their table,” said Loree D. Jones Brown, Philabundance CEO. “We know Phillies fans like competition and always rise to the occasion, and in this challenge, they did just that

The final numbers for the challenge are:

Philabundance – $16,944

Feeding San Diego – $7,707


WE WON!!! Thank you to everyone who stepped up to help Strike Out Hunger!

The funds will not only help each city feed their communities, but the losing city’s food bank CEO will need to wear gear from the winning food bank.