Sharswood THRIVE seeks to fundamentally change the way people seek and receive services by promoting a comprehensive safety-net system approach. The organization not only provides stability services like housing and healthcare, but also economic mobility empowerment through workforce development, home ownership and financial literacy training.  Sharswood THRIVE is a multi-year project which will be carried out in collaboration with partner community organizations.

The overall goal is to create a scalable model combining multiple services in order to meaningfully and measurably increase stability and economic mobility of Sharswood community members over a three to five-year period. The collaborative wants to ensure that existing, returning and future residents of Sharswood will live peacefully, prosperously, and as a cohesive community for generations to come. Sharswood residents will achieve their life goals and affect sustainable neighborhood change.

The THRIVE partners will be setting measurable goals and tracking outcomes around their area of expertise, monitoring the progress of neighborhood residents on a scale of crisis to thriving. Coaching and case management will be central to managing the progress of each individual as they access recourses and make changes.

Stay tuned for more details around the Sharswood THRIVE work in Fall 2020.