Staff Spotlight – Meet Damien Douglas

If you have ever volunteered at the Philabundance Hunger Relief Center in South Philadelphia, chances are you have had the pleasure of meeting Damien Douglas. And if you have met Damien, the chances are great that you will return to volunteer again.

Damien is the Philabundance repack supervisor. His job is to train, direct, and work alongside our volunteers as they pack and sort donated food that will be distributed to our neighbors facing hunger. But for Damien it’s more than just a job. He has tremendous respect for every person who walks through the Philabundance door and asks, “How can I help?”

“The fact that people give their time, without asking for anything in return, to help our neighbors who might need a hand, really shows me the type of person they are,” says Damien. “Our volunteers have great character and that draws me to them right from the beginning.”

Each week, nearly 150 volunteers enter the Hunger Relief Center and Damien aims to meet each one. He wants to make sure they know how much we value and appreciate their commitment. And it’s not just Philabundance staff who appreciate our volunteers, but ultimately it is the people receiving the benefits of their good deeds.

While there is serious work to accomplish during each three-hour shift, Damien also wants to make sure everyone has a good time. If people enjoy themselves, and know their efforts are appreciated, they will want to do more. Not only is it one of Damien’s goals to have every volunteer return, but he also wants them to bring others
with them when they do.

“You can’t come here every day, meet with people from all walks of life and not love it,” says Damien. “I’ve been here almost 11 years, working with thousands of volunteers, and I can’t see being anywhere else. I love it here.”

Interested in Volunteer Opportunities? Visit, email the volunteer department at, or call 215-339-0900.

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