On the Front Lines: A Chat with Philabundance Hunger Heroes



How have the needs of our community changed in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic? Hear from our network of partners to learn more about the neighborhoods they serve and the work you’re supporting. Our agency partners have firsthand knowledge of ways the pandemic has impacted families in our region, and they share powerful stories about the people we are helping together.


Moderated by Niki Hawkins, Vice President of Community Engagement at WPVI-TV 6ABC. Presenters include Philabundance staff Sara Hertz, Chief Development Officer; Emily Glick, Manager of Agency Relations; and representatives from our agency network.


Philabundance Community Kitchen



The need for the work of Philabundance has never been greater than today, facing a pandemic and increased food deserts as a result of events over the past several weeks. A critical part of this effort is the team dedicated to creating a long-term impact and ending hunger for good in those same communities through the Philabundance Community Kitchen (PCK).


Designed for adults who have faced significant personal challenges, PCK provides free, professional-level culinary training, life skills development and retention services for two years post-graduation. PCK provides the tools for self-sufficiency and a second chance at life.

Learn about how PCK is working to meet the increased demand for food today and how the overall program allows us to help move people out of hunger for good.



What If There Were No Philabundance?




Securing food to feed communities throughout our region is only half the battle—we need to get it into the hands of those we need it most. Learn more about our extensive network of agency partners, and how they’re helping us fulfill our mission to end hunger today.


Presented by Philabundance staff Melanie Cataldi, Chief Impact Officer and Stacey Behm, Chief Program Officer



Finding Food When There Isn’t Any: How Philabundance is Feeding Our Neighbors



The COVID-19 outbreak hasn’t just impacted our distribution efforts at Philabundance, it’s exposed weak spots in the food industry supply chain that have drastically impacted our operations. Learn more about we typically rescue and secure food, and how we’ve pivoted in the wake of this crisis.


Moderated by Maria Maggio, VP and General Manager, Food Trade News and featuring Phil Ginterreiter, Deputy Director, Food Acquisition at Philabundance; Kait Bowdler, Director of Sustainability at Philabundance; and Larry Walker, President, Balford Farms and a member of the Philabundance Food Advisory Council



Update on COVID-19 Activities



As more and more families feel the economic impact of COVID-19, we’re feeding people who have never needed to turn to a food pantry before. Learn more about our operations, and how we’re adjusting to meet the growing need in our communities, serving more households than ever.


Presented by Philabundance staff Kait Bowdler, Director, Sustainability; Jess Wyckoff, Deputy Director, Ending Hunger for Good; Kate Scully, Director, Government Affairs; and Laura Schepps, Chief Financial Officer.