By Lisa Ryan, Communications Associate



The holiday season brings plenty of exciting traditions to Philabundance, including 6abc’s annual Holiday Hunger series, which highlights food insecurity and local efforts to “beet” hunger.

This year, 6abc shared new developments in Philabundance’s food rescue efforts; our culinary- and life-skills training programs; and two stories put Philabundance volunteers in the spotlight.

This series is part of the larger holiday food drive, supported by ACME and Dunkin. We are grateful to 6abc and its partners – without this type of community support and collaboration, we can’t drive hunger from our communities today and end hunger for good.


1. “A program that helps the hungry and adults with intellectual disabilities”


Philabundance couldn’t provide food to 90,000 people each week without dedicated volunteers, including those from JEVS Community Collaborative, a program for adults with intellectual disabilities.

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2. “Philabundance helps connect food to people in need”


Forty percent of all food produced in the United States goes to waste while 1 in 5 Philadelphians faces hunger. That’s why Philabundance and its food rescue partners collect retailers’ quality, unsold food and redistribute it to people in need.

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3. “New training, new home in works for Philabundance Community Kitchen”


Philabundance won’t need New Year’s resolutions to make 2020 a year of growth. Philabundance Community Kitchen, a free 14-week culinary- and life-skills training program for adults with low to no-income will move in 2020 from a city shelter to a dedicated facility.

There, the program will have room to grow, increasing class sizes, the number of graduates entering the workforce, the volume of meals that students make for community members in need, and more.

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