Many families are struggling to put food on the table as the SNAP Extra Allotment payments have ended and the price of food has increased, food insecurity is a growing issue, and we know that families are experiencing a Hunger Cliff.  To help combat this, Philabundance partnered with State Senator Sharif Street for the 3rd annual Drive Away Hunger during Ramadan initiative.

 Ramadan is the holiest month of the year for Muslims and is a time of spiritual reflection and physical submission to God by way of fasting from dawn until sunset. This year, Ramadan ran from Wednesday March 22nd thru Thursday April 20th During this time, those unable to fast are encouraged to be of service to others by helping to feed their neighbors in need.  For this year’s initiative, our goal was to distribute more than 6,200 meals and we successfully distributed 200 meals a day at 31 different community locations. Some of these locations included community centers, senior centers, markets, and apartment buildings. These meals were prepared by the Philabundance Community Kitchen students and staff and were delivered by the Philabundance transportation team.

We’re so honored to have partnered with Senator Street to provide culturally relevant and healthy meals for people during the month of Ramadan! Thank you, Senator Sharif Street for joining us again to drive hunger from our communities!


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