Hunger has always been a passion for Luisa Contreiras, one that’s become multi-generational in her household. “There’s such abundance in this country, and yet, so many people don’t have enough to eat,” she says. “It’s easy to look the other way, and I didn’t want my daughter to grow up in that bubble.”


Now, Luisa’s nine-year-old daughter, Sidney, counts herself as one of the thousands of Philabundance donors making a difference for individuals and families throughout the Delaware Valley. Each week, Sidney sets aside a portion of her allowance for charities like Philabundance.


In the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, hunger has become less abstract for many children; it has a human face. No more than ever, kids like Sidney can see and understand the impact they can make for their neighbors who are struggling.


According to Luisa, supporting an organization that’s practical, reliable—and local—allows them to tackle such a global issue right in the Delaware Valley. “People often say ‘it’s terrible that all this food goes to waste; someone should do something.’ Well, Philabundance is—and so are we!