Education, health, and hunger— there’s no arguing the impact you can make on humankind

in any one of these areas, according to Peter.


As a career cardiologist and graduate of LaSalle University, DiBattiste has chosen to leave a legacy in all three of these areas with planned gifts to organizations close to his heart; his alma mater and the American Heart Association. His legacy gift to Philabundance will not only further the critical work to combat hunger now and address its root causes, but it is also an unlikely nod to one of DiBattiste’s other great passions: The Boss.


“I’m a diehard Bruce Springsteen fan, and at one of his Philadelphia shows years ago he made a call for support for Philabundance, asking fans to support them in any way you could,” he says. “The more I learned I began to understand their work goes beyond hunger and addresses inequities across the system. Over the years, I’ve become really impressed with their vision, depth of understanding, and passion in what they do.”


Now, by including Philabundance in his estate plans, DiBattiste is removing any doubt about his intentions, at the same time, creating an impact that will only continue to grow.


“For me, it’s comforting to think that when I’m gone, no one will be wringing their hands wondering what they should have done – you get to say where you want your money to go, and for me, that was important,” he says. “Knowing that my final gift will go to an organization doing such important work, that makes me feel really good.”