Philabundance has never talked about taxes before. Now is the time.

Why? Because the tax bill being considered in Congress will create many more hungry Americans. It’s bad for the working families, seniors and kids we serve; it’s bad for non-profits; and it’s bad for our nation’s future. Here are the top three reasons we’re worried:


1. It will provide huge tax cuts for the wealthy and corporations, while offering little to nothing (or even tax increases!) for people who are struggling to get by.

2. The tax bill will add at least $1 trillion to the national debt, and then some Members of Congress will use the soaring deficit as an excuse to cut social safety net spending, including SNAP (food stamps), Social Security and healthcare.

3. By raising the standard tax deduction, tax filers will be disincentivized from making donations, putting more fiscal stress on Philabundance and other nonprofits that rely on donations.


So please take 30 seconds right now and contact your Member of Congress.

Tell them to vote against the tax bill because it will force cuts to crucial safety net programs and hurt low-income Americans.

Find your legislator and their contact information using the Greater Philadelphia Coalition Against Hunger’s Tool, or call the Capitol Switchboard at: 202-225-3121.


Your action truly makes a difference.