The Value of Volunteerism

If anything can be said about the past two years, it’s that Philadelphians have come together to rise above the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic. Through the hard-fought, intense struggles we’ve faced, we’ve seen thousands upon thousands of selfless individuals put their own challenges aside to volunteer their time to help families, friends, and neighbors in need facing food insecurity.  

Volunteering is a rewarding and meaningful way to help our communities thrive, especially during difficult times. Individual and corporate time donated through volunteering helps us run our hunger relief operations and it helps our agency partners on the front lines of their neighborhood distributions. 

Volunteers are imperative to our cause to end hunger today while working to end hunger for good!

There are so many reasons why volunteering is important:

  • Helping to feed seniors, children, and families in need helps to establish a sense of connection to community while also having fun.
  • You can meet other like-minded people who are driven to give back to their communities, establishing friendships and professional networks.
  • Volunteering gives you the opportunity to explore new interests and learn new skills.
  • Volunteering gives you something to look forward to and something meaningful to do with your time. It’s YOUR opportunity to make a difference!

We could not carry out our work without the help of our volunteers. These dedicated individuals and corporate partners spend countless hours helping to provide nutritious food and a sense of security to the people in need across the 9-county area we serve. 


Thank you for your continued support and commitment to helping our communities thrive! 

Learn more about Philabundance’s volunteer opportunities and sign up on our website.  

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