Volunteer Spotlight: Tevin Coleman

Philabundance volunteer Tevin Coleman


National Volunteer Week celebrates the impact of volunteer service at Philabundance and spotlights some of our most dedicated volunteers over the last year.


1. Please tell us about your role as a volunteer with Philabundance. What do you do?

I have taken on creating Senior boxes for the elderly in the community, sorting meat in the cold room, distributing food boxes to out-of-work restaurant workers and their families, and helping sort foods for a local food pantry. Whatever needs to be done I’m willing to do.


2. Why do you choose to volunteer with Philabundance?

I chose to volunteer with Philabundance because they are the organization that my job has chosen as our company volunteer organization. I have also volunteered at Philabundance before with a prior job in addition to volunteering personally.


3. What’s your favorite memory from your time volunteering at Philabundance?

I think my favorite memory so far was at the end of a Feed Our Food Workers distribution. An older lady needed help carrying the boxes to her house so I walked them over for her. While we walked, she told me about her life growing up in South Philly and her family. She had just gotten a puppy too and it was adorable.


4. What do you think other people interested in volunteering at Philabundance should know about our programs?

Anyone interested in volunteering should check out the website which has numerous opportunities. Philabundance could always use a hand even if it’s only for a few hours. The employees are lovely and the other volunteers are great!


5. Philabundance’s mission is to relieve hunger now and end hunger for good. How do you think we, as a community, can end hunger?

I think the first thing that goes into ending hunger is acknowledging that it exists. Second, realizing that there are others in need and that they could be your neighbors and friends. Third, realizing that the smallest things can have the biggest impacts. And lastly, instead of throwing away food in excess at the end of the day, businesses could donate that food, which would be a huge contribution.


6. Any other thoughts you’d like to share on hunger, volunteering, Philabundance?

I think that everyone should volunteer at least once a month to realize how lucky they are. It has shown me this and I have met great people along the way.

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