Volunteer Spotlight: Robert (Bob) Briselli


National Volunteer Week celebrates the impact of volunteer service at Philabundance and spotlights some of our most dedicated volunteers over the last year.


1. Please tell me about your role as a volunteer with Philabundance. What do you do?

Through the last decade, my primary volunteer roles have been:

– Supporting a Community Food Center (CFC) in North Philly (2013)
– Filling Senior boxes and other donation boxes (2011-2021)
– Produce Rescue at the Wholesale Produce Market (2018-2020)
– Produce Hub agency service at the HQ loading dock (2020-21)


2. Why do you choose to volunteer with Philabundance?

Philabundance makes a huge impact within 9 counties, relieving food insecurity. Leadership and staff have always been kind and helpful to me.


3. What’s your favorite memory from your time volunteering at Philabundance?

CFC and Produce Rescue were especially enjoyable, I attribute in part due to involvement of a small group of regular volunteers who all bonded and supported each other to show-up regularly and perform at a high level of productivity.


4. What do you think other people interested in volunteering at Philabundance should know about our programs?

They offer many different types of volunteer jobs; if you try one and it isn’t a good fit, go back online and put in another choice for the next time. You will find a volunteer role that fits your purpose.


5. Philabundance’s mission is to relieve hunger now and end hunger for good. How do you think we, as a community, can end hunger?

Over my volunteer years with Philabundance, they have notably taken a more holistic and structural approach to tackling hunger, partnering with other agencies and key education and training providers to develop solutions that will be more effective than simply providing healthy food to the needy. In addition, please remain open to best-in-class practices found anywhere within the country, and aim for continuous improvement.


6. Any other thoughts you’d like to share on hunger, volunteering, Philabundance?

Now that I am fully retired, I spend many daytime hours performing a variety of volunteering duties. I enjoy having a mix of activities, but tend to focus on vexing society issues of hunger, nutrition, homelessness, and most recently pandemic vaccination support. Philabundance is the organization that I’ve supported the longest, and I’m thrilled that such support can include both volunteer and monetary donation.

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