Baby, It’s Cold Outside

By Christopher Luebbe, Volunteer Coordinator


We are still in the dead of winter.  When the temperature dips below freezing, some of our neighbors are literally left out in the cold; struggling to get by, looking for a warm jacket and making difficult decisions like paying for heat or for food.

The holiday season may be behind us, but it’s important that we keep the spirit of giving back our year-round mission.

There are lots of ways to keep this spirit going, especially now when the chill outside needs to be met with the warmth of our care and concern. So let’s continue to give back!

Philabundance is always looking for friendly faces to represent us at community fairs, tabling events, food drives and other events. We will train volunteers and provide everything you need.

Here are a few other suggestions for ways to get involved in the coming months:




Spread the Love by making a donation to help Philabundance provide jars of peanut butter, a much needed source of protein, to the youngest members of our community – children.

– Patronize Rooster Soup Co, the non-profit eatery that supports Broad Street Ministries.

– Check out EAT Café, where anyone can eat at a price they can afford.

–  Contact your local food pantry to see if they need volunteers or specific food donations. You can find more pantries at Coalition Against Hunger, and here is a list of emergency food sites.




– Donate your gently used items to St. John’s shelter.

Donate professional clothing to help those transitioning to work.

– Check out this great article on where to donate used clothing.




– Check and see if a shelter near you needs volunteers or donations (e.g. clothes or toiletries).

– Volunteer your time and/or donate to one of the city’s emergency housing facilities.

– This year’s point-in-time and youth counts are over, but bookmark these websites and volunteer next year.

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