Changes to SNAP, what you need to know:

SNAP Emergency Allotments Ended Feb. 28, 2023

Please view our SNAP booklet here for detailed information. 

Since the beginning of the COVID 19 pandemic, SNAP recipients have been temporarily
receiving an “extra SNAP” payment each month
to help with the tremendous challenges brought on by the pandemic. Under this relief measure, SNAP recipients’ benefits were increased to the maximum amount for their household size. Those who already qualified for the maximum received an additional $95. These extra SNAP payments  known as SNAP Emergency Allotments (EAs)  have been a lifeline to the people we serve.

While they started as part of COVID relief, they
have also been a critical support as historic
inflation has increased the cost of food and other basic necessities. EAs have been
distributed to states by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, and have been 100% federally

In 2022, Congress put an end to EAs in its endofyear spending package and final EA
payments were issued this past February. In March, SNAP recipients will receive only their
regular benefit amount. This will be a huge, difficult loss for the communities we serve. The
end of EAs is sure to exacerbate food insecurity across our service area, creating a
looming hunger cliff.


The loss of SNAP EAs will hurt not only SNAP recipients, but also charitable food providers
like Philabundance, food producers, retailers, and more. We anticipate it will create
extremely high demand on food banks at a time when we have far less government
support; are facing higher food costs; and are already having difficulty meeting existing
demand. Food banks alone cannot make up for a benefits loss of this magnitude. In
addition, given SNAP’s economic multiplier effect of $1.50$1.80 for every SNAP dollar
spent, the ripple effect will be felt across our entire economy.

For more details, see our FACT SHEET

The loss of EAs, which have been issued for nearly three years, will be devastating. An
important initial step is making sure those directly impacted are aware of this dramatic
change. These materials explain the ending of EAs, encourage households to report
changes that may help to increase their regular SNAP benefit amount, and provide additional resources.

Please help us share this information widely!


Pennsylvania Resources

 New Jersey Resources


Help End Hunger TODAY and urge congress to permanently extend SNAP benefits!

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