March signifies National Nutrition Month and this month the theme is- Fuel for the future! Here at Philabundance, we focus on providing healthy and nutritious food for the people we serve while highlighting our mission of Ending Hunger for Good. This month we’re targeting eating with sustainability in mind, staying nourished, and making sure your plate represents all food groups.

Food sustainability is not just about the food itself. It’s how the food is produced, packaged, and consumed. One of the ways that we’re working to increase access to fresh and healthy foods is through our Healthy Pantry Initiative (HPI). Starting in 2021, The Healthy Pantry Initiative is a project through Feeding America in partnership with the Department of Health and was created to increase access to healthy foods at the pantry level and reduce the burden of chronic disease among Pennsylvanians. Pantries offer clients a wide variety of health-conscious choices such as low-sodium canned goods, vegetables high in protein and vegan/vegetarian options.

Among these initiatives, we encourage people to eat a variety of food from every food group. Different food groups provide different amounts and types of nutrients, so it’s important that we create a variety of these different groups on our plate. Understanding the different food groups, and how much of each should make up your diet, can help you form a healthy eating pattern over time.

If you are trying to understand more about what is in your food, the best place to start is the Nutrition Label. Join us as we celebrate National Nutrition Month all month long, and don’t forget to give your body gratitude and fuel for the future!


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