Charging $100 to Replace a Credit Card?! Never!

By Kate Scully, Director of Government Affairs

You are a busy parent or individual and your wallet is stolen. The amount of time needed to get a new ID, credit card, and other cards and documents is daunting. Your credit card company then charges you $100 to replace that credit card. Now a daunting task becomes an expensive one as well.
Similar to a credit card, SNAP participants use an Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) card to access their benefits. If your EBT card is stolen or lost, you need to replace your card to use your benefits.
Currently, SNAP participants can get a replacement EBT provided by the state. But now, Pennsylvania legislators are considering a bill that would charge $100 to replace an EBT card more than once in a lifetime. This $100 would be a huge penalty for individuals and families who are already struggling to make ends meet.
The bill has no exceptions for this fee — not even for victims of domestic violence or theft. To put this into perspective, Pennsylvania only charges a $6 fee for a replacement car registration.
The Pennsylvania Senate has already passed Senate Bill 6 (SB6) and now the House is considering the bill. Call your State Representative today to protest this bill! It will take under 5 minutes using the steps below:

1.  Click to find your State Representative.

2. Enter your address and click search.

3. Click on hyperlinked name next to PA House

4. Call the number listed and share this simple message: “I am calling to urge Representative _____________ to oppose SB6. This additional cost for SNAP recipients is one they just cannot afford. This bill will have a ripple effect on Pennsylvania low-income families who need SNAP and will put increased pressure on the emergency food system, which is already working at capacity.”


If you have an extra minute, email us at and let us know if you made a call!

Thank you to our friends at the Coalition Against Hunger for sharing information about this important action with us so we could pass it along to all of you.

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