SNAP Updates

Due to the shutdown, states were required to issue their SNAP benefits for February by January 16th.  This means that SNAP households will have a large gap between SNAP benefits being issued and will likely lead to more people seeking support from the emergency food system.  We are working with our partners to help support our network of food cupboards and pantries.

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The number of people who rely on SNAP in our area.
Coast Guard Volunteering

Help Provide Emergency Food

Philabundance appreciates the support shown during the government shutdown.  On behalf of our existing and new clients, thank you so much for your help.

Emergency Market

Partnering with Share Food Program, the Archdiocese Nutritional Development Services, and Campbell’s Food Company, Philabundance responded to the government shutdown with an Emergency Market.  At the market people impacted by the shutdown could receive fresh produce, milk, cereal, and other product.  We served numerous households through our emergency efforts.

The number of people in our area who may be affected by the government shutdown
Government employees waiting in line at the Emergency Market

The Emergency Market in the News

Want to learn more about our efforts during the government shutdown?  Read about them in some of the news clippings below.  Thank you to the numerous news outlets who covered our work.

– 6abc
– Billy Penn
– The Inquirer
– NBC10


I am affected by the shutdown and cannot access the South Philly Distribution.

Anyone in need of food assistance can call the WHY Hunger Hotline at 1-800-5-HUNGRY for immediate assistance or access one of our 350+ agencies for food. You can find an agency location nearest you by using our Find Food Map. 

How can I help those who are impacted by the shutdown?

One way to directly help those impacted is by donating or raising funds so that Philabundance can purchase fresh produce and other needed items to supply the Emergency Market for federal workers. Another way to help is by hosting a food drive and collecting non-perishable food items to donate. Any questions about food drives or raising funds can be directed to Olivia Edwards at 

Is there a place I can donate money to assist federal workers in need? 

Yes. You may donate directly on our website or by visiting our fundraising page on Facebook.

Do you have a flyer I can hand out or post to social media advertising the Emergency Market?

Yes, you can download the flyer here!