Imagine you have a baby who needs formula. You are on parental leave from work, your spouse was just laid off, your car broke down. You’re struggling to afford groceries for yourself, let alone buy expensive formula for your newborn.

Sadly, scenarios like these are a reality for many of the clients who turn to Philabundance for support.

In 2013, Philabundance began raising funds to purchase formula for infants whose parents struggle to afford this high-cost, high-need item. Our BabyFood program (FKA BabyManna) provides families served by our member agency network with access to formula – which might otherwise be too expensive for those in need.

Many of our member agencies in the Delaware Valley have indicated a need for formula for the clients they serve. This year, with the support of friends like you, we’re hoping to raise $45,000 to distribute formula through three sites, with hopes of expanding to additional sites in the future.

And because Philabundance can purchase formula in bulk, dollars donated toward our BabyFood program can be stretched to help purchase even more of this vital life source for infants!

In the spirit of Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, we hope you’ll keep in mind the youngest members of our community whose moms and dads need a helping hand to provide them with the essential nutrients they need to grow.

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