Hunger Doesn’t Take A Vacation

Posted by on June 29th, 2012

Most of us have experienced what it’s like to be hungry at some point in our lives.  More than likely it was because you didn’t have time to eat, you were too busy working, or it’s because you simply just forgot.  Eventually your pounding headache or your growling stomach lets you know you’ve pushed the limit and it’s way past meal time.  Ravishing, you run to the fridge, cabinet or store to grab the most readily eatable item- chips, candy, leftovers (if you’re lucky), anything to satiate yourself.  At that point you’ve given up caring what or where those calories are coming from, and you’ll deal with the health ramifications later, reminding  yourself to eat a salad the next day to make up for the junk you just ate.

For nearly three hundred thousand children in our area, that pounding headache or growling belly is a daily reminder of the reality they face every day—childhood hunger.  These kids wake up in the morning, put on their school clothes and if they’re lucky, they get breakfast and lunch at school, quite possibly the only food they will eat that day.  These kids don’t go around singing Alice Cooper’s “School’s Out” when summer comes around; summer is different for them.  It’s not all about playing outside or swimming with friends, more than likely summer can bring on even more food insecurity—now that school is out, where and when will they get their next meal?

Philabundance is working to combat childhood hunger and developing new programs to tackle this complex issue, but we need your help.  Please visit our summer hunger page  to find out what you can do to make sure every child has enough to eat this summer!

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