Moving Food Forward: Product Innovation

Our goal is to create nutritious food from surplus farm products in a way that extends shelf life & adds value for our communities in need (upcycling). We partner with manufacturers to create retail items which fund the same high quality items for donation.  The Abundantly Good brand allows us to provide better food for clients AND engage socially conscious consumers in our mission in an exciting new way. See below for a list of retailers.

Tanker loads of milk saved in partnership with other food banks
lbs. of cheese donated through sales of our distribution partners


Eighty percent of what Philabundance provides to our 90,000 neighbors in need is perfectly good food that otherwise would have gone to waste because it wasn’t perfectly ripe for retail stores, it had confusing date labels or was a case of overproduction. While we’ve made great progress, it’s nothing compared to the sheer size of these two inextricably linked challenges: food waste & food insecurity. We can do more.

Pennsylvania is the second largest dairy producing state. Sometimes we have more milk than anyone could drink at a given time. That’s why we started collaborating with PA food banks to save over 12 tankers of milk by upcycling them into cheese. By utilizing this surplus milk, we can create quality cheese for our neighbors and extra business for local farmers. It’s a win, win!

What’s Next?

We can’t do it alone! It will take supporters throughout the food industry to help us grow this program. If you have an idea for a product collaboration or want to make a wholesale purchase of our Abundantly Good cheese or other products, we want to hear from you!


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