Why donate to Philabundance?

As we celebrate the holiday season, many of us want to spread hope and comfort to those who are struggling—but problems like hunger in our communities can often feel impossible. In times like these, it’s important to remember that you’re not alone. Together, we can make an extraordinary impact. When you join our work at Philabundance, you become part of a greater effort to ensure that none of our neighbors in need are without a meal this season. And one of the most meaningful ways you can support this work is by making a tax-deductible donation today.


Here are 3 great reasons to donate to Philabundance:

We make every dollar count.

With a 35-year track record of fighting hunger in our nine-county service area, Philadelphia you know that your donation to Philabundance will have the maximum impact. Your gift helps us purchase high-quality, nutritious food and supports its distribution through our agency network. Last year, Philabundance and our member agencies distributed more than 55 million pounds of food to people facing food insecurity, including special programs for children, seniors, and refugees.

You can give hope in a time of increased need.

The most vulnerable in our communities are the ones who have been most affected by the pandemic, and at this time of year, circumstances can become even more difficult. Some families must choose between paying their bills and enjoying holiday festivities. Not knowing where your next meal is coming from is a reality for many during the holidays, so when you donate to Philabundance, you offer hope in a time of uncertainty.

One small act can have a lasting impact.

Hundreds of thousands of our fellow Philadelphians face hunger. But it takes just one small act to make a significant difference. At Philabundance, a $1 donation enables us to buy two meals to feed someone in need. Today, when you take three minutes to make your donation through the link below, it will have an immediate impact on those facing hunger this season, and beyond.

Give hope through this link.

Your generosity and support make our work fighting food insecurity possible. Thank you for your donation, and for giving hope to families this holiday season, one helping at a time.



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