By Kate Scully, Chief External Affairs Officer

Parents everywhere often face the problem of their kids not liking the food put in front of them at breakfast, lunch or dinner. It’s a tale as old as time: picky eaters. Parents try to make healthy choices and find foods that they hope their kids will eat. Both of my kids fall into this category. It’s a struggle at dinner time because my older child won’t eat anything green, and none of his food can touch. For my three-year-old, it is hit or miss if she will eat everything on her plate or nothing regardless of what it is.

Working at Philabundance, I know well that picky eaters are in every family, regardless of income. But the reality is – families with limited resources to buy food or limited access to healthy options face bigger challenges with their picky eaters than those with access and resources. They don’t have choices – kids will have to eat what is put in front of them or go hungry. Sometimes the portions are small. Sometimes eating the same thing for breakfast, lunch and dinner is common.

This is why for this year’s Hunger Action Month, Feeding America is highlighting that food should not be an impossible choice. Everyone should have access to the food they need to grow and thrive. We use this month to raise awareness about this issue and ask people to take action. Action can be many things, such as educating others, making a donation, volunteering your time, or contacting your legislator.  We have information on how to do each of these on our Hunger Action Month page. I hope you will join us this month to continue the fight to end hunger.